Subdivision and Planning Surveyors Melbourne & Regional Victoria


Head & Humphreys has over 50 years in subdivision experience, including lot design, planning applications, preparation of plans, Council and Service Authority liaison, works project management, marking boundaries and documentation for registration at Land Use Victoria.

2 Lot & Infill Subdivisions

Advice, surveys, plans, reports and applications for 2 lot and infill subdivisions.

Commercial & Industrial Subdivision & Estates

Design, surveys, plans, reports and applications for commercial and industrial subdivisions, including land and building subdivisions.

Residential Estates

Detailed designs, feasibilities, investigations, planning and management for a residential estate.

Multi-Level & Owners Corporation Subdivisions

Surveys, plans, reports and applications for multi-level or high rise subdivisions

Advice and OC manager liaison regarding boundary definitions, Common Property and OC Rules.

Rural Subdivisions

Surveys, plans, reports and applications for all facets of rural subdivisions.

Estate Design

Concept and detailed designs of residential, commercial and industrial estates.

Feasibility Studies

Detailed review and report on existing title(s), easements, covenants, planning controls, servicing and physical constraints with regard to development options.

Project & Subdivision Management

Liaison between client, owner, Council, service authorities, engineers, solicitors etc. to coordinate works and approvals for completion of developments and subdivisions.

Creation, Variation & Removal of Easements

Creation, variation and removal of easements so that encumbrances shown on title reflect the on-ground conditions.

Clause 56 Assessments & Site Analysis

Preparation of plans and reports to accompany development applications in accordance with Clause 56 of the Planning Scheme.

Planning Applications

Review and advice in relation to existing and proposed planning controls.

Council applications and plans for planning approvals.

Covenant Beneficiaries and Covenant Removal / Variation

Detailed advice regarding covenants including beneficiaries.

Options for removal or variation of covenants including costs, timeframes and prospects.


Survey to locate document and detail existing assets and features for Councils service authorities and land managers; D-SPEC, R-SPEC, O-SPEC and B-SPEC, and provide digital information as per GISSA standards.